I grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. Worked as a photographer for 7 years then moved over to moving images after shooting a shortfilm in Mozambique(A Procura de Pancho) in 2013 which ended up winning an award and played at a few Film Festivals around the world. I realized then that film was where I could collaborate with other creatives and make something together. As a musician I was drawn to music videos early on and then moved into shooting more commercials and other types of projects that came along. I’ve shot all sorts of genres of work such as fragrance, food, fashion, cars, music videos, documentaries, travel and advertising  but what really excites me is the people I work with and the amazing places we get to travel to.  Life is a wild journey and nothing beats doing what you love and making great relationships along the way. for bookings 


The things we’ve done and the places we’ve gone.